SAP MM Team Member Position

Company Name:
1. Determine technical solutions to meet business requirements. Detail system design, analyze the jobs/programs needed to be written or revised, and estimate the time and resources needed to complete the project/assignment.
2. Make system configuration changes necessary to implement desired business capabilities in SAP.
3. Coordinate technical resources necessary to implement solutions for complex business requirements.
4. Utilize test plans and tools to ensure programs are thoroughly tested before they are installed. Apply and recommend appropriate tools and languages that are required to develop/modify a business application.
5. Analyze complex problems including determining the causes, possible solutions, implementation, and communication of the final solution. Determine appropriate technologies to solve business and system problems.
6. Follow processes and operational policies in the program methodology and technique for obtaining solutions.
7. Solicit user involvement/information and actively apply it. Communicate within team and with business users by various correspondences (e.g., memos, e-mail, and voicemail) to convey project/assignment status and information in clear terms.
8. Serve as a technical resource for the team.
9. Apply knowledge of specific application areas to assigned projects. Share application/business knowledge with other IT and business associates.

Don't Be Fooled

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